Mini Review: The Kid Who Became President

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Judson Moon has done a big flip-flop. Immediately after being elected President of the United States, he resigned. Now, after a heart-to-heart with his running mate (and ex-babysitter) June Syers, Judd has decided to take office after all: He wants to make a difference.
Being President is anything but easy. Between dealing with a crazed South American dictator and people who are trying to kill him, Judson starts to wonder if it wouldn’t be better just to go back to being a kid in Madison, Wisconsin. But with a lot of help from his friends, Judson might just figure everything out.


No. But there are a few points I’d like to talk about.

I started this book because I was bored and didn’t feel like reading a long, engrossing book. (Like all the others on my TBR) It soon became apparent that this was not the fluffy, sappy children’s book I first believed. The Kid Who Became President touches on quite a few things. Like how the press will say what they want people to believe, that not everyone is perfect, and freedom. Here are some quotes-

The presidency is like a suit. Many try it on. Sometimes it fits. Sometimes not. And sometimes… one grows into it.

pg. 177


I learned that no matter what you do, a lot of people are going to be angry. Let me give you some examples. The President has to find a way to protect the nation’s forests and also protect the job of a man who makes a living cutting down trees. The President has to help the poor without penalizing people who worked hard to become rich. The President has to work to end prejudice and also protect a bigot’s freedom of speech. The President has to reduce people’s taxes without taking away the services people need.

pg. 209

There was very little violence (one man is shot, there’s talk of war, etc) or anything inappropriate. I highly recommend it for all ages.




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