The Marvel’s Avengers Book Tag

Yet another thanks to Sam@RiverMoose-Reads!!!

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Iron Man – a book that made you laugh out loud: 

Image result for septimus heap darke

Captain America – a book that sends a positive message:

Oops, forgot this one!


Thor – a book with a characters strength you admire:  

Holly Short, no doubt about it! She’s so strong and smart! I wish I could be like her.

Black Widow – a book with a kick-butt female protagonist: 



I just finished this Monday, I think. I have Allegiant, but not Insurgent.

Hulk-  a book that made you incredibly angry:


I love this book! BUT! The big twist near the end really threw me for a loop. I very nearly chucked it across the room.

Hawkeye – an underrated book you think more people should pay attention to:


My mom read this to me and my siblings a few years back. It seems that no one has ever heard of it, though.

{BONUS} Loki – a book with a twist or surprise that tricked you: 

Can I use City of Bones again? No? OK.


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I’ll leave this open, again.




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