Get To Know Me Tag

First off I would like to shout thank you to Nikki @The Night is dark and Full of Books.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us begin!


Name: Alex
Nicknames: Cha-I-Ke-You, kid! (With 8 kids it get hard to remember names…)
Birthday: August 12
Star Sign: Leo
Occupation: Full time nanny, reader, and blogger.


Hair Color: Ok, its mostly light brown with natural blonde, dark brown, red and even some black, highlights.

Hair Length: From the base of my skull to the tips it measures 10 and 3/4 inches long. (I have a mini tape measurer in my purse)

Eye Color: Dark green

Best Feature: MY VULCAN EYEBROW!!!! My left eyebrow curves up slightly at the end. I’m very proud of it.

Braces: No. I’ve never needed them.

Piercings: NEVER!

Tattoos: I would like to get one that says “How you doin’?” and I want the words to be made out of grass blades. So that every time my crush sees it he’ll turn beet red. 🙂

Right or Left: Right


Real Holiday: My family went to Galviston when I was really young. I have some memories of it.

Best Friend: We are still kind of friends. She really only talks to me when her other friends aren’t around.

Award: *Sigh* This is embarrassing. I used to go to a local christian school a few years back. Um, I would tell “stories” to make my life sound more interesting. So, one year at graduation my teacher (whom I was never really fond of) gave me the “Whopper Award”. I was furious and still, to this day, can’t eat Whoppers. Thanks Miss C.

Sport: Hahahahahahah!!! I have never done sports! I was in cheer for a while, but thats it.

Concert: *Even louder sigh* Winter Jam. I’ll leave it at that.


TV Show(s): Merlin, Liv and Maddie, Lost, and Star Trek

Color: Black

Song: Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons

Restaurant: Cotton Patch Cafe

Shop: The thrift store where I get most of my books

Book: Alex Rider: Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

Shoes: Heh, they’re old and ratty with holes everywhere, but I love them! They are black with white laces. Very comfy, but my mom won’t let me wear them in public!


Feeling: Uncomfortable. My knee is swollen again.

Single or Taken: Single, kind of? *Glares pointedly at crush*

Eating: Spearmint gum.

Thinking About: My lazy, oblivious crush *cue mega eyeroll*

Watching: Nothing. I was watching Surfs Up a few minutes ago.

Wearing: Loose fitting distress jeans, a Minion T-shirt, and a towel draped over my head (I just got out of the shower).


Want Children: Heck yeah! I even have names pick out!

  1. Tauriel Elvana
  2. Severus Draconus
  3. Luna Winter
  4. Aiden Marvalo Harrison
  5. Jaylah Scarlet
  6. William Sherlock Scott

I’m only expecting to have six, thanks to the ring test, but its been wrong before. I am hoping for more.

Want To Be Married: YES! *Pokes crush over and over until he yells at me*

Careers In Mind: Stay at home mom and author

Where You Want To Live: Near enough to my parents to walk there every day. I am not leaving them!


God: Absolutely!!!

Miracles: Yes!

Love At First Sight: Yes, its real.

Ghosts: Ye-es I do. I could go into the multiple theories I have that explains their existence, but it would take too long.

Aliens: Again, yes. Its impossible and highly illogical that we are all there is.

Soul Mates: How could I not? My parents are soulmates, and the only reason, in my eyes, that someone wouldn’t believe in them is simply because they haven’t found their’s yet.

Heaven: Yes, yes I do.

Hell: Yes.

Kissing On the First Date: It depends on 1) Is he cute? or 2) What has he eaten?

Yourself: I… I don’t know…. Do I believe in myself? Wait! Am I even real?! OHMYGOSH! Guys! What if I’m not real? What if I’m just a figment of someone’s imagination?! HELP!!!

Well that was fun…


P.S. This tag is open to any and all who wish to participate.


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